Ese si i kalova pushimet dimerore anglisht

Ju lutem emrat qe gjenden ne ese ndryshojni me emrat tjere qe i njihni.
Last December would be my first semester break after entering the life of a college student. And it was such a pleasant relieve because I don’t think any of us could take another pressure after weeks of our final examination. My parents are also having their break from work so they took the whole family for a holiday in Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur. The eight of us, six of my own family and two
cousins went there in a car. Well we’re lucky we could fit everyone and all the luggage into dad’s Toyota Innova. The journey took us about several hours and it was rather bumpy because of the highway’s condition, not fun at all. The journey sort of bringing back my sweet memories being in National Service as we passed by the highway leading to Maran because I remember that was the same signboard I saw in the bus when I first came there. So much for the memories. Dad took us straight to Kemaman, Terengganu to have our lunch at the usual. There’s this one stall where we would always come and have a taste of its satar and keropok losong. The place is called Warung Aziz Satar. It’s rather catchy, don’t you think? The satar they served is marvelous, well at least that’s what I feel. After lunch we head straight back to Kuantan to check-in into the resort. We settled in and have some rest and not long after that my little sisters get ready to go for a swim. Honestly I don’t really like water that much, but I joined them anyway, just for a try. I told them the pool is okay, but the beach is a big no-no. I hate it when the sand gets into my swimming suit, I think that’s disgusting. But that day things sort of changed. After swimming in the pool they all decided to head for the beach. Well I don’t think I want to stay alone in the pool so I followed them. The wind is blowing so smoothly and we all shivered, but it was soothing. My cousin is digging the sand out and I was like wondering what is he up to.

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